What does it means go your processes to mobile? 

All of us know how much is important to stay tuned and connected with all information sources. But how many of us are convinced to solve all problems with a new device and a good connection? 

If we think about mobile as a means of effectively extending the enterprise to remote workers, providing them with anytime-access to critical documents and giving them the power to make real-time decisions — well, we are ready for implement a new Business Process Management strategy. 

Access the information everywhere means that an executive on the go, took an action that resulted in a series of automated downstream alerts and activities.  

Not only did the contract get signed but the services team received an alert giving them the go-ahead to kickoff the project; the opportunities status in a CRM was updated to “won” status which triggered customer on boarding activity; and, the customer automatically received an emailed PDF version of the contract which lessened administrative follow up.  

That’s a whole lot of BPM, and it all started from charging some data. 

So ask to your BPM Platform to get started, pick a process with manageable scope. 

Enable a mobile user to take a simple action (e.g. change a pick list value) 

Choose a process for which an action has significant downstream impact. (e.g. alerts fired that triggered several activities in sales, customer support, services and legal) 

Champion the success. As with any process change, shout about your successes. 

The promise of mobile workflow is being delivered today.  

How will your organization increase agility and move mobile forward with existing tools?