We are usually habited to think the approach to Business Process Management (BPM) as a single big, complex, and expensive project. 

But in really, for organizations with good tracks on BPM themes means to build a lot of different projects in a long period of time. 

 A smart process application is software that is designed to support an organization’s BPM efforts in a collaborative manner. 

The term smart process application was coined by analysts at Forrester Research Inc. As the demand for business agility, smart process applications are expected to change the way employees create, manage, and interact with business rules. 


To be considered a smart process application, the software must have at least five key attributes: 

Imported or embedded data relevant to the business activity. 

A collaboration platform on which people can create content needed for the main business activities. 

Process design and Business Rules definition tools for executing the steps involved in a business process. 

Document management capabilities, including capture and output tools. 

Embedded analytical tools. 


Smart process applications provide the definition and drive the evolution and the orchestration of complex processes. 

Are also a new branch of case management solutions designed to support all the unstructured activities inside the organizations. 

Knowledge workers can improve general efficiency and at the same time ensure compliance, security, and defined service levels, using pre-configured applications templates.